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Posts published in October 2022

Learning How To Save a Password in Chrome

Dean Mapa 0

Technology has advanced tremendously in the last twenty years. Camera phones, wifi, streaming services, saved passwords, touch screens were all significant innovations that redefined how we would use technology in…

How To Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Dean Mapa 0

If you have been using a computer for most of your life, chances are you have accidentally deleted an important file or document that you later need. It may seem…

350,000 Malware Versions are Identified Every Day

Dean Mapa 0

The devices under the company’s use might be well protected, but it is tough to ensure that each employee’s device is also well protected. In the current circumstances, it is…

An Informative Video

Dean Mapa 0

Give Evernote a try. It will help you get organized in awesome ways.

Best Tips On How To Increase CPU Speed

Dean Mapa 0

Computers have come a long way in the last few decades when it comes to speed and performance. Still, speeds tend to slow down the longer you have your computer,…

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