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I’m Dean. Some friends and family call me Dino.

Just to let you know a bit of myself, I’m a writer who likes to dabble with the PC and PC programs. I’m a widow as my wife lost her life to cancer in 2010. I have one daughter who lives not far from me with a loving husband and two children. I live alone with a cat who believes she’s the master of the house.

I am not an IT. I’m more of a dilettante who likes to experiment on various software that I bought so I can help you make the right decision on what to purchase. I’m a consumer who helps consumers.

When you buy one of my recommendations, I will receive a small commission that is not more than the price of purchase and, more often than not, will even be less than the market price.

I am excited to know about the software you use and we can compare notes. Please feel free to write to me.

Your mutual software user,


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