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Spend Less, Earn More

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“Spend Less, Earn More”

This is the mantra nowadays, especially if you’re in business. There are many substitutes of popular software that work as good or even better.

One of the popular software is the suite offered by Microsoft. But they are, sad to say, quite expensive and, thus, unreachable for many. I found myself in that situation, but only because I don’t use all products that are in the suite. 

So, I was quite surprised to receive an email from MobiSystems that offered a suite of products at a much lesser price than Microsoft. It excited me. After using their trial software, I enjoyed their suite so much that I’m now using the paid version.

The suite of MobiSystems includes:

* OfficeSuite Documents – a cross-platform office suite that has versions for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows (PC) and adds extensive PDF abilities to its compatibility with the most frequently used Microsoft Office file formats. The software has over 220 million downloads on Google Play and is among the top Android business applications.

* OfficeSuite Mail – sends and receives email

* OfficeSuite PDF – an excellent PDF writer and reader

* OfficeSuite Sheets – create and edit over 30 types of charts whether you’re working on a financial, administrative or statistical analysis

* OfficeSuite Slides – creates the perfect presentation to illustrate your ideas

MobiSystems is compatible with Microsoft systems, so you can share your work with friends and co-workers who have Microsoft. 

If you’re on a strict budget, MobiSystems is the best choice when you need a business suite with all the bells and whistles, but with an affordable price.

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